Health and Physical Education Department

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Advanced P.E. I and II

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Health and PE 9,
Health and PE 10
Driver's Ed.

The major objective of the Health and Physical Education Department is to promote healthy lifestyles and lifelong fitness through participation in recreational sports, fitness activities and to teach students to make mature, responsible decisions concerning their physical well-being. Student participation, self-improvement, practice, and performance skills are emphasized in all physical education classes. 

Students are made aware of social pressures and/or peer pressure as it relates to human sexuality and the use, or misuse of harmful substances in our society. Students are taught conflict resolution techniques and other important coping skills. Emphasis on positive decision-making strategies is evident in all content areas so mature responsible choices can be made concerning these issues.

Students are required to participate in pre and post physical fitness tests to measure their fitness level with national standards.

P.E. and Health Course Description